The Adult Preemie Advocacy Network (APAN) was set up in January 2021 by a group of adults who were born prematurely to share our experiences and discuss all issues relating to the long-term impact of premature birth. We hope this site will inform, support and advocate for the physical and mental health well-being of every adult preemie regardless of their gestation, health outcomes, or country of residence.

All adults born prematurely deserve to have their voices heard! Please send us a message via social media or using the information on the Contact us page to share your preemie story.

We also welcome discussion and communication from researchers and medical professionals interested in long-term outcomes. Please get in touch.

Our Aims

  • Provide a global network of peer support and advocacy through this website and our social media channels.
  • Acknowledge that each individual’s experiences are unique and valid.
  • Combine scientific evidence with lived experiences to promote awareness and understanding of the life-long physical and psychological impact of premature birth.
  • Provide resources to promote and share relevant information within the community.
  • Create strong links between the community and researchers to facilitate and advance research into the impacts of prematurity.
  • Promote opportunities for participation in research.
  • Promote patient-centred care, including ongoing monitoring, assessments and healthy lifestyle promotion over the life course.

Dispelling myths

We are wanting to raise our voices and help others to understand that prematurity is a life-long condition, we may not ‘catch up by two’

Juliette Lee & Lauren Ingledow


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