About Us

We are a group of like-minded adults from around the world who were born prematurely, often referred to as ‘preemies’. We strive to connect with and advocate for other adults born early, regardless of their gestation at birth or health outcomes.

Each of us has a story that is unique to our own experiences. However, we have found that there are common themes and understandings within the adult preemie community -we found our “clan”. 

Our hope for the future is to be able to build a community for the growing number of adults born prematurely. We want all preemies to have their voices heard. Feel free to send us a message with your preemie story!

Our Stories

Here are the stories of Lauren and Juliette who were born early and are founding members of the Adult Preemie Advocacy Network.

Social Media

We are using social media to connect with other preemies around the world. We have set up two Facebook groups, a Twitter account and an Instagram account. Using these platforms we have been able to learn about each other’s journeys, share the struggles that we face and utilise each other’s skills to reach out to more preemies.


Adult Preemie Advocacy Network

This page has been created to provide a network of help and support; it is open to all.

  • Adult Preemies
  • Parents of individuals born prematurely
  • Researchers
  • Medical professionals

Adult Preemie Network

This page has been created specifically for adults born prematurely. It is a safe space to connect with other adult preemies. This page encourages open discussions on all aspects of life, including physical and mental health.

  • This group is open to those aged 16 years and over
  • You may be asked some questions when joining the group to ensure you are directed to the correct group
  • This information is only visible to admins and will not be shared within the group

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This Site contains testimonials by other preemies that reflect the real-life experiences and opinions of those individuals. However, the experiences are personal to those particular individuals, and may not necessarily be representative of all preemies. We do not claim, and you should not assume, that all preemies will have the same experiences.

The views and opinions contained in the testimonials belong solely to the individual and do not reflect our views and opinions, Individuals are not paid or otherwise compensated for their testimonials.